My head injury kept me from living what I thought was a normal existence and through neurofeedback, my life has changed forever.  Gone are the days of battling my need for self-medication with alcohol and shopping!   Also, gone are my struggles to focus and keep up with every day activities.  The constant fatigue and tiredness and battle to get out of bed in the morning as well as my severe social anxiety have also evaporated.  Even more amazingly, I am now off all of the pharmaceuticals that I previously needed for years to function.  Dr Blume is knowledgeable, kind and understanding.  She helped me incredibly every step of the way to a re-newed life!
L.O., Santa Barbara, CA


I am the father of an 11 year old autistic boy.  My wife and I have tried everything with our son including dietary changes.  We were somewhat hesitant to try neurofeedback because we have had so many previous disappointments with other promising treatments for autism that did not work.  Prior to neurofeedback treatment with Dr Blume, our son had very poor verbal skills, he was in his own world and basically had no desire to play or socialize with other children, really no one.  He could be somewhat aggressive and at times had horrible bursts of temper.  As his treatment progressed, initially the changes were really subtle and my wife and I would question ourselves as to whether the things we’re seeing were actually real,  It really was unbelievable because it has been like watching” an onion being peeled’.  The changes in our son occurred layer by  layer as his brain started to heal.  Our son is now almost finished with his treatment and he now plays with “normal” children” and is actually included without any social discrimination.  His language is improving by leaps and bounds as has his academic performance.  His aggression and temper tantrums are history.  Neurofeedback has been a miracle.  It has taken time as Dr. Blume said it would, but hanging in with this incredible treatment has changed our son’s life and our families life.  Dr. Blume is extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with.
D.L., Ojai, CA


I am a 46 year woman who has suffered from depression since my teen years.  I have been on medication most of my life with unsatisfactory results. Even when the medication seemed to work, they eventually stopped producing results and I was back to square one.  When I heard about neurofeedback through a friend and met Dr Blume, she told me I first needed to have a brain map.  I was completely amazed when she showed me the results of my brain map where my depression actually occurred. and how she was going to go about fixing the problem.  Step by step my depression started going away and I am now depression free for the first time in my adult life.  I am off medication with the help of my psychiatrist and I am no longer fearful that it will return.  I feel like a new person with confidence and good self esteem.  I truly know what it feels like to be happy.  Thank you Dr Blume!
S.B., Los Angeles, CA


I am the mother of an 8 year son with ADD.  My husband and I were very unhappy with the prospect of medicating our son and chose not to do this.  When we heard about Dr. Blume’s work with neurofeedback we decided to give it a try.  Our son is not a trouble maker and did not have behavior  problems at school, but he was progressively falling further and further behind in school and it was starting to affect him.  He just could not focus.  It took a while to start seeing some changes as Dr Blume said it would but he is now up to grade level.  His teachers have been completely amazed.  He is focused, on target and a happy child.  This is truly is amazing and completely medication free.  We have been very pleased with our results and Dr. Blume’s work.  She really knows what is doing.
S.C., Ventura, CA


I have had anxiety most of my life as well as a growing problem with sleep.  I have tried everything herbs, talk therapy and medication.  Things would seem to be getting better but then I would regress again.  I started having social phobia’s and started to pull away from the things in life I used to enjoy.  My work was suffering, as well as my relationships.   I was miserable and exhausted.   When I started my neurofeedback with Dr. Blume, I was truly amazed even from the first session, because I felt so much calmer.  A feeling I have not had in years.  Little by little my anxiety disappeared and I started sleeping through the night.  I have found Dr Blume really easy to work with and very reassuring.  This treatment has worked and I have a new lease on life!  Neurofeedback has changed my life and so has Dr. Blume.
M.B., Thousand Oaks, CA
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