What is NeuroField and pulsed Electromagnetic Frequency (pEMF)

line2NeuroField is not a medical device nor is it intended to be used for the diagnosis of medical problems. The NeuroField is intended to reduce stress and energetically balance the neurological field created by the human body.

NeuroField is used as a catalyst for healing when the body is energetically deficient.  This leads to a state of stress and imbalance.  We reduce stress by giving the brain and body energy.   (provided by Nick Dogris Ph.D., www.NeuroField.com)

This technology also incorporates very low intensity pulsed electromagnetic fields (pEMF) stimulation and electroencephalography (EEG) into one EEG biofeedback system.  It can generate pEMF frequencies from 0.31-300,000 Hz.  The pEMF output ranges from 1-14 microtesla.  In contrast, the low intensity pEMF is 10,000,000 times weaker than rTMS (transcranial magnetic resolution) which was approved by the FDA in 2008 for the treatment of depression.

A 19 channel EEG amplifier can also be used in conjunction with the pEMF stimulation to utilize the real time Z score technology.  This has been integrated into the normed database to incorporate the 19 channel Z Score LORETA as well as Surface Z score training.  This advanced and cutting edge technology has far reaching capabilities in terms of normalizing and balancing the EEG as well as improving many difficult conditions.

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