What is Low Energy Neurofeeedback (LENS)

line2LENS Neurofeedback addresses the brain in its own electromagnetic language allowing the brain to re-organize, reboot and normalize. The LENS is a powerful system that was developed in 1990 by Dr. Len Ochs.  The LENS is not a medical device but allows the feedback to travel down the wires or sensors that are connected to an individual’s scalp and attached to the LENS amplifier and computer.   The LENS utilizes the dominate frequency of the brainwaves.  This frequency is fed back to the person participating in the treatment.

The LENS uses a very low power electromagnetic field similar to an electromagnetic field that surrounds digital watches.  This electromagnetic field carry the feedback to the person receiving the treatment.  Although the feedback signal is weak, it produces measurable changes in the brainwaves without conscious effort from the person receiving the feedback.

The LENS technique is effective for many problems because its action does not directly address a person’s symptoms or illness but instead helps the nervous system balance and normalize itself.

Clinicians suspect that the reason the effects of the LENS are so effective and often immediate is because the feedback bypasses all conscious conditioning and therefore operates directly on the unconscious process that underlie most of our functioning and self regulation.  Examples include mood changes, how easily a person falls asleep and wakes up again, how quickly a person responds to stimuli etc.

One of the benefits of the LENS is that the treatment is quick, a person does not need to pay attention to a computer screen and the results are fast and may be permanent with repetition.  This is particularly beneficial for children with attentional issues, people with autistic spectrum disorders, individuals with cognitive problems etc.  The LENS is an effective technique that I utilize in my practice.

The LENS is beneficial for many conditions and symptoms as well as for peak performance for normal individuals who wish to enhance their skills such as athletes, people in the performing arts, business executives etc.

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