What is Live LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback

line2Live LORETA Neurofeedback is cutting edge technology that was developed at the Key Institute for Brain Based-Mind Research in Zurich Switzerland by Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui in the mid 1990’s.  LORETA ( Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) is an EEG based Neuroimaging technique that is highly correlated with FMRI’s, PET Scans and Spect Scans.  The LORETA computes 3 dimensional images of the brain to identify the intracortical and certain subcortical generators of the surface EEG patterns seen in QEEG brain maps.  It is considered to be the most accurate of the “inverse solutions”.  The LORETA divides the cortical gray matter into 2394 7×7 millimeter 3D voxels. This allows the clinician to see which voxels are most activated during an EEG recording.  The images reveal the deep structures or generators of the brain and therefore provide information regarding the generator or structures of the brain which reveal the structures, frequencies or communication issues that correlate with abnormal Z scores and psychological or neurological symptoms.  Since 2001, the LORETA has also been used for Neurofeedback.  The LORETA Analysis and LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback is now recognized internationally and utilized worldwide.  Currently there are hundreds of peer review articles in medical journals on the LORETA.

LORETA neurofeedback is based upon computer-based operant conditioning.  It allows the practitioner to select single or multiple voxels within the brain to provide real time feedback.  LORETA teaches the brain self-regulation and executive control.  Self regulation is the primary component in learning. The LORETA is also used to enhance and optimize a healthy brain to improve peak performance, improve cognitive functioning, brain brightening and athletic and artistic performance.

The advantages of LORETA Neurofeedback are typically fewer sessions. Traditional Neurofeedback utilizes one to several electrodes on a given region or lobe of the brain and trains the surface lobes.  The LORETA uses a full 19 sensor EEG cap which trains the brain’s deep structures and also creates 3 dimensional images of the brain.  Traditional Neurofeedback is unable to reach these deep structures and focuses on the surface lobes of the brain.  The LORETA can treat multiple issues during a single session.


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