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Many people come to my practice seeking help for a myriad of psychological and neurological disorders (ADD, ADHD, PTSD, Depression, Anxiety, Sleep, etc) having found little or no success with other forms of treatments and medications. Whether it is your first time seeking help or you are discouraged by the lack of prior results, you have come to the right place.

I am a licensed clinical psychologist in Ventura, CA, and board certified in Neurofeedback. I have been in private practice for over 30  years and bring extensive knowledge, skills, research and tools to assess patient’s needs. Together we will create a treatment plan to implement positive and permanent change that result in a happier, healthier you. I will help you with the hard work of change and healing in a safe and supportive environment.

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Neurofeedback or brain wave training is a non-invasive, non-medication alternative which is based on the brain’s ability to retrain and heal itself which is called neuroplasticity. Because of the brain’s ability to utilize its neuroplasticity, the brain can learn to respond to healthy patterns and learn how to self-regulate. Self-regulation is a necessary part of good brain function. It allows the brain and the central nervous to function and balance. Using state of the art computer software, EEG Neurofeedback or EEG Biofeedback teaches the brain to respond to healthy patterns and learn to self-regulate. Neurofeedback is based on the electrical activity of the brain. Dysfunctional patterns that have resulted in painful symptoms and behavior can be re-trained and balanced utilizing this technology. Neurofeedback was developed at UCLA in the 1960’s. We now have decades of peer review research which suggests that neurofeedback is an efficacious and long term solution for many disorders.

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Live LORETA Neurofeedback is cutting edge technology that was developed at the Key Institute for Brain Based-Mind Research in Zurich Switzerland by Roberto D. Pascual-Marqui in the mid 1990’s.  LORETA ( Low Resolution Electromagnetic Tomography) is an EEG based Neuroimaging technique that is highly correlated with FMRI’s, PET Scans and Spect Scans.  The LORETA computes 3 dimensional images of the brain to identify the intracortical and certain subcortical generators of the surface EEG patterns seen in QEEG brain maps.  It is considered to be the most accurate of the “inverse solutions”.  The LORETA divides the cortical gray matter into 2394 7×7 millimeter 3D voxels. This allows the clinician to see which voxels are most activated during an EEG recording.  The images reveal the deep structures or generators of the brain and therefore provide information regarding the generator or structures of the brain which reveal the structures, frequencies or communication issues that correlate with abnormal Z scores and psychological or neurological symptoms.  Since 2001, the LORETA has also been used for Neurofeedback.  The LORETA Analysis and LORETA Z Score Neurofeedback is now recognized internationally and utilized worldwide.  Currently there are hundreds of peer review articles in medical journals on the LORETA.

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Quantitative Electroencephalography (QEEG) Brain Map is an assessment tool which measures the electrical activity of a person’s cerebral cortex or brain.  A person’s brainwaves are digitally recorded at the surface of the scalp and then compared to FDA approved normative databases of normal populations stratified by age and sex.  The QEEG brain map is then used to aid in the diagnosis of mental health conditions via the use of the statistical analysis of a person’s electrical brainwave activity. Years of research has determined what a normal brain functioning looks like.

A QEEG Brain Map is a painless, non-intrusive procedure in which a 19 channel EEG cap is placed on a person’s scalp.  Generally two recordings are administered, an eyes open recording and an eyes closed recording.

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Dr. Paul-Blume, Ph.D, BCN is one of only 150 in the WORLD Licensed and Trained in Advanced Live Loreta Neurofeedback


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“My head injury kept me from living what I thought was a normal existence and through neurofeedback, my life has changed forever.  Gone are the days of battling my need for self-medication with alcohol and shopping!  Even more amazingly, I am now off all of the pharmaceuticals that I previously needed for years to function.  Dr Blume is knowledgeable, kind and understanding.  She helped me incredibly every step of the way to a re-newed life!”
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